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audition coaching

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I am a NYC-based actor (proud member of AEA + SAG-AFTRA), director, and producer. I have worked as a professional audition taper, reader, and coach for 2+ years and assisted in creating thousands of auditions - many of which have led to callbacks and bookings!  

I combine many acting approaches to meet every actor where they are and help to unlock the text in whatever time we have!  

All coaching is currently done online via Zoom or Google Meet. If you need a longer length of time don't hesitate to reach out.

Have an audition or questions about the industry?

Just email me with your preferred availability, length of appointment, and the audition deadline.

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“Loralee is a grounded director and communicates in a way that makes it easy for an actor to understand! Just about every audition I’ve worked on with her- I’ve BOOKED!” 

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"I love working with Loralee! It’s always such a collaborative experience where I just feel so safe and comfortable to try things. Really looking forward to working with her on the next audition. "

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